Samantha Allen

Managing Director

On a glorious summer’s day in February 2014, my worlds aligned in spectacular fashion when I stepped up to become the managing director of human. Decades of running public relations and communications consultancies, aligned with decades of borderline obsessive interest in the psychology of why we behave the way we do, which also aligned with the departure of human’s founding MD, the wonderful Kate Walker, to follow her dreams to a chateau in Bordeaux.


I had only recently founded my own agency, Purpose, which as the name suggests was about sharing stories of brands with purpose.  Our work was both internal and external communications and within days of opening the doors, our clients included Destination NSW, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Treasury Wine Estates, MoneySmart Week, Lightning Ridge Tourism and the Moraitis Group.


With great serendipity, the timing of my first solo step in June 2013 coincided with vacant space in human’s offices, and Kate, in her typically generous way invited me in.  I was immediately hooked on the amazing work that human was doing.   This powerful blend of heart-felt storytelling and insightful human psychology was groundbreaking – and life changing.  There was no going back.  I knew I was home.


Before my life of human and purpose, I have been lucky enough to work with the world’s biggest brands, in some of the world’s greatest cities – from Sydney to San Francisco and from London to New York – with brands such as Tourism Australia, Ford, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Vodafone, Unilever, ANZ Bank, American Express, BP, Nestle, Diageo, Carlton United Breweries, Kellogg’s and Kraft.


In 2010, I lead the global consumer marketing practice for Ogilvy PR Worldwide out of New York, and from 2003, I was the MD of Pulse Communications for Ogilvy PR, growing it from a standing start to being one of Australia’s largest and most awarded PR agencies – we won over 50 local and global industry awards and accolades in my last three years at Pulse.  I have also been the Agency Director of Sydney PR agency, Liquid Ideas, the MD and founder of San Francisco-based Chocolate Communications, and a business leader of London-based agency, Grant Butler Coomber.


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