Maicol Persiani

Motion Graphic Animator and Videographer

My story is a bit chaotic.
I have been a pianist, a professional football player in Italy, a bar manager in England, a white shaman in Peru’ and a farmer in Queensland…but that’s just the start.
While in Italy, I graduated in Communication and Marketing. I also studied Graphic Design and Communication during which time I was commissioned by the government to work on a project based on the future of Web Television. Following this I worked as an event organiser and project manager in Rome and as a Social Media Manager in Sydney.
I love reading, and feel this has given me a good education and a thirst for knowledge across many disciplines. I am fascinated by human beings, their every day interactions and their outstanding capabilities.
I started a new chapter of my life in June 2012 when I began working at human and I believe it is going to be an important one. I am happy to share my experience with the team and learn more and more every day.

I’m only human.

Before I could graduate University, I had to take my final exam. It was a difficult exam and I had to study a lot to get the best mark possible and finally finish my degree.

It was a very hot summer in Rome and it was very difficult to be at home and study every day especially with broken air conditioning! So the day before the exam, I took my scooter and rode to a nice swimming pool close to my University. I had just started studying, when I received a call from my best friend asking why I was running late. It took me a few moments but I quickly realised that I had completely forgotten that the day of the exam was that day, not the day after.
I panicked; I didn’t know what to do. It was the last exam before my graduation and there wouldn’t have been another chance to do it again before the next semester. How could I have been so stupid to forget that????
After much hesitation, I decided to go to the exam anyway. The problem was, I only had my swimming costume, my flip-flops and a towel with me. I didn’t even have a t-shirt as it was 40°C and it was roasting in the sun. Luckily, I had a raincoat I kept for emergencies in my scooter pocket that would have to do. I rode as fast as I could to the University.
You can just imagine the face of the teacher when I entered the room. I was dressed in a shiny yellow raincoat, floral swimmers and a red pair of flip-flops.

I prayed like never before that nobody would pay attention to my clothing as I took my seat in the exam room.

By the end of the exam, I was feeling safe, like nothing else could go wrong. Just then, a television troupe came in the room to shoot a TV show related to students at University. My face turned purple with shame. After all these years, I still don’t remember what I said during the interview. All I know is that when I went back home after that crazy day my parents didn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks!!!

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