May 4th, 2011 - Posted by Human

Pirate or Navy?

pirate navy

Love this blog post from Mia Freedman…

“Are you Pirate or Navy? When my friend Kate asked me this question last week, my response was “…[blink]…” because I had no clue what she meant. Apparently, most of us can be divided into these two groups. Pirate people are risk-takers, adventurers, renegades. Navy people are obedient, law-abiding, organised and controlled. They like order. In fact, they live for it. If you’re navy, you ask for permission. Pirates ask for forgiveness.

Julia Gillard? Navy. Tony Abbott? Pirate. Bob Katter? Pirate. Rob Oakshot? Navy. Lisa Wilkinson? Navy. Karl Stefanovic? Pirate. Mark Zuckerberg? Pirate. Bill Gates? Navy.

This is a fun game and I suggest you try it at home. What’s not to love about putting big complex people in simple little boxes?” read more here…

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