October 18th, 2011 - Posted by Human

Lunch as Learning

bento pig

I found this great blog post on Etsy…

“As a teaching tool in a child’s kindergarten year, lunchtime is more than just a pretty meal in Japan, it’s valuable time for teachers to instruct on the value of hygiene. In 2005, the Japanese government established the Shokuiku Kihon Hou, a basic law on nutritional education that emphasizes healthy eating and cultural food history. “The children learn about appreciating their parents for providing and preparing food they are given,” says Sumie Kato, principal of Shin Yoshida Kindergarten. “Most [important] of all, they get to experience how fun mealtimes can be.” A typical kindergarten lunch is further described by Makiko Itoh in an article for The Japan Times: “[The children] gather in groups, sit down on the floor and recite after their teacher words of gratitude for being able to have lunch together and thanks to their parents, farmers and others for making their lunch possible.” Once everyone has finished their lunch, they shout “gochisousamadeshita,” which roughly means “thank you for the feast.”  more here

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