July 20th, 2009 - Posted by Human

Is selling the new saving?


Desperate times may call for desperate measures – but renting out your backyard to campers or selling unwanted gift cards might be taking it a bit far! trendwatching.com introduces us to ‘sellsumers’ – a powerful new force in the world of commerce. Fuelled by the recession and facilitated by access to global markets via the internet, selling is the hot new ‘consumer’ trend. Read more at trendwatching.com/trends/sellsumers/

We love the fact that anyone with a bit of ingenuity and a smart idea has a shot at being the next ‘big thing’ – not to mention how refreshing it is to see individuality giving globalisation a run for its money! Some our favourite sites are:

www.etsy.com – a treasure trove of all things handmade.

www.spareground.co.uk/ – a marketplace for unused space.

www.exboyfriendjewelry.com – ‘You don’t want it. He can’t have it.’

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