May 20th, 2010 - Posted by Human

A Lesson from Liz

liz photo

Just over a year ago a very dear friend and colleague of mine died from Melanoma, at age 39, 13 weeks after she was first diagnosed.  She left behind a wonderful husband and two young children.  It was tragic waste of an incredible life.

It was also a real wake up call to me about how quick and deadly Melanoma is, and how vital early detection is – by the time Liz found out, it was already too late.  This led me to discover MoleMap – a screening program where they literally photograph your entire body (including any suspect moles) and then provide a thorough examination and diagnosis by a dermatologist.  The really important bit though, is the follow up – you go back each year and they re-photograph the moles and then do a microscopic comparison, so they are able to detect any changes which may indicate a possible problem.   

If caught early, the survival rate for Melanoma is very high (85 – 99%), so please, please, please do yourself and your family a favour and make an appointment – to find out more click here.

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