March 4th, 2011 - Posted by Human


Yesterday I started the day with a dose of inspiration – the TED conference streamed live from Long Beach to our very own Bondi Beach!

Given that it started at the unearthly hour of 3.30am Sydney time, it was great to see so many people make the effort to be there.  There was an incredible line up of speakers, but my personal favorite was Sal Khan talking about his amazing organisation, The Khan Academy. It’s a website that’s transforming education by providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere!

Sal has brilliantly edited down thousands of topics to smart and simple 10 minute videos and the subject matter is extensive, everything from Linear Algebra, to Photosynthesis and The French Revolution.  Apparently Bill Gates is a huge fan, not only using it with his kids, but often taking the opportunity to brush up on concepts he may be a bit rusty on.  If you’re interested in finding out more, check out these videos Introduction to Khan Academy and Google Award for Khan Academy

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